Lake Peak Associates | Certified Public Accountants


Lake Peak Associates - Our Values and Goals

  • We are committed to honesty and integrity in all of our relationships, both personal and business.
  • We attempt to treat all people with respect and kindness.
  • We are uncompromising in our dedication to the highest quality of service, work product and ethics that are available anywhere.
  • We strive to be friendly, open and accessible to our clients, colleagues and employees.
  • If we make a mistake, we take responsibility for our error and do everything possible to mitigate any negative consequences to our client.
  • We have a responsibility to act with the good of the entire human community in mind.
  • We are committed to the principal that all people are created equal and should enjoy the same civil and human rights regardless of gender, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religious or spiritual preference, age, mental or physical handicap, sexual orientation, immigration status or financial resources.
  • We know that our natural environment is what ultimately sustains us all, and we strive to treat it with the respect and care that its beauty deserves.

What is Lake Peak?

Lake Peak is a rugged mountain just above Santa Fe in the Sangre de Cristo range of the southern Rocky Mountains. With a summit at 12,404 feet above sea level, Lake Peak is among the highest mountains in New Mexico. Starting at the Santa Fe ski basin, a hike to Lake Peak and back can be done in a day by anyone in good physical condition. The trail goes through spruce, fir and aspen forest, with several viewpoints along the way, until it emerges into a high alpine meadow above tree line. In a deep canyon off the north flank of Lake Peak is Nambé Lake, the source of Rio Nambé. To the southwest is the Rio Santa Fe watershed, the original source of Santa Fe’s water that still provides 40% of the city’s annual supply. Lake Peak is sharp, rocky and rugged. The final ascent takes careful attention and focus, but the vista of the Rio Grande Valley thousands of feet below and the mountain ranges far to the west, north and south is stunning.

We think our logo with the stylized image of Lake Peak and the suggestion of water by the two wavy blue lines below evokes a sense of our values as human beings as well as our business values. We strive for the peak of success in attaining our goals and living our values. We try to work in harmony with the natural flow of events as they unfold.