Lake Peak Associates | Certified Public Accountants

Business Consulting

Advice, Planning and Oversight for New and Established Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

The principals of Lake Peak have over twenty-five combined years of experience in accounting and administrative services for small and mid-size businesses including sole proprietorships, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, home-owners associations, and non-profit organizations. 

Depending on the size and day to day activities of a business, the entity may require a full office staff for accounting and administration.  However, in some situations, contracting with an outside firm for the financial administration of the business affairs can be more effective and cost efficient.

Among the services Lake Peak can provide to its clients in any combination are the following:

  • Set up administrative and accounting systems and procedures, train staff, develop filing systems, create financial reporting templates and provide ongoing supervision and consultation for the office.
  • When an organization is in a time of personnel transition (CFO, controller or other accounting staff has left), serve as a bridge to ensure the continued smooth operation of the organization and help new personnel analyze old procedures and systems for improvement.
  • Serve as liaison to and coordinate among tax and legal advisors; also assist in the search for new advisors as needed.
  • Prepare periodic financial statements that are customized for management needs as well as tailored to the requirements of the annual state and federal tax returns and reports.
  • Provide estimates of taxable income and coordinate estimated tax payments and filing of extensions; gather and organize all information required for preparation of annual federal and state tax returns; prepare final tax returns or transmit information to and consult with client’s existing tax accountant.
  • Prepare periodic projections of cash needs and provide consultation regarding cash management.
  • Assist in the day to day tasks of the entity’s financial affairs such as reconciliation of bank statements, payment of bills, invoicing, and all payroll processing and reporting functions.
  • Provide professional, independent oversight and review of employees work to uncover, minimize and/or prevent potential acts of or opportunities for fraud.